Bioshield CRG, Antimicrobial Surface Spray, Lasting Protection Against: Bacteria Viruses Algae Mould, Eliminates 99.99% of Germs, Disinfects & Protects, Lasts up to 1 Month, No Harmful Chemicals. More Than A Disinfectant. Keeps on working long after other disinfectants have stopped.

Welcome to CRG BioShield

CRG BioShield®75 forms a colorless, odourless layer which bonds to the treated surface. When a microorganism comes in contact with the treated surface, CRG BioShield®75 punctures the cell membrane and electrical charges shock the cell.

CRG BioShield®75 is proactive in the prevention of possible infections to staff and families.

BioShield can help protect you from Swine Flu and other Flu pandemics.

CRG BioShield®75 is a long-term and safe solution to inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms on any surface.

Unlike chlorinated chemicals, CRG BioShield®75 has no toxic effect on people, animals or plant life and is safe for food contact surfaces.

CRG BioShield®75 is EPA registered for a broad range of uses. CRG BioShield®75 is invisible, odourless, won’t rub off or bleach surfaces.

Protect Your People

Within 8 hours of cleaning with a conventional disinfectant, the germ count returns to the same level as before you cleaned!

Normal cleaning with off the shelf products can kill most germs. However within eight hours the surface will be contaminated again. Under the right conditions, microbes on an untreated surface can double every 20 minutes.

Most conventional disinfecting cleaners contain bleaching chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment.

All other conventional disinfectants including bleach, peroxides, phenols, triclosan, formaldehydes and paint formulations etc, work on the basis of diffusion away from the treated surface. This promotes microbial adaptation, loss of effectiveness and leaching of poisons into the environment.

Absenteeism in the workplace through illness, costs the Australian economy $18 billion per year!

Infections from viruses and bacteria are the number 1 cause of death worldwide and a major cause of employee absenteeism in the workplace.